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    Dear Colleagues,

    Apex Global Meetings is delighted to announce and cordially invites all the participants across the globe to attend “Global Summit on Human Genetics and Genetical Disorders”(GSHGGD2024) which will be taking place during October 17-19, 2024 Barcelona, Spain. 

    The theme would aim to Creating the Genetics of the Future: Trailblazing Understandings and Creations Advancing Human Genomic Research”. Scientific Tracks designed for this conference will enable the attendees and participants to learn extremes.

    GSHGGD2024 aims to gather the renowned scientists, young and brilliant researchers, academicians, healthcare professionals, business delegates, and exceptional student communities across the globe under one roof and organize a healthy discussion so that the researchers and authors can present their work at the conference GSHGGD2024 objective is provide a comprehensive global forum for experts and participants from academia to exchange ideas and present results of on-going research in the most state-of-the-art areas on Genetics and Genetical Disorders. It will be hosting a forum of plenary, keynote, Invited lectures and oral/ poster presentations.

    We accept this gathering will be an exceptionally remunerating instructive and collaborative occasion for the attendees.

    We look forward to your valuable presence at GSHGGD2024 October 17-19, 2024 Barcelona, Spain

    Cristilla. A | Event Manager
    Apex Global meetings
    EMAIL: secretary@humangeneticsummit2024.com



     Human Genetics

    Genetic Disorders

    Population Genetics

    Mitochondrial Genetics

    Molecular Genomics

    Bioinformatics in Genetics


    Clinical Genetics


    Cancer Genomics


    Advances in Chromatin imaging

    Behavioral and Psychiatric Genetics.

    Gene Cloning and Mapping

    Gene Editing and Genetic Engineering

    Gene Mutation

    Genetic Counseling


    machine learning for geneticists

    Computational Genomics.

    ELSI in Science and Genetics

    Biochemical Genetics

    Diagnosis and Prognosis of Inborn Disorders

    Genetic Medicine

    Genome Integrity

    Molecular Phenotyping and Omics Technologies


    Chromosome abnormalities


    Ethical and Social Implications of Gene Editing

    Genetic predisposition


    Genetic Divergence

    Gene regulation and expression

    DNA, genes and chromosomes

    Gene inheritance

    Mendelian Inheritance


    Cancer, Cardiovascular Diseases and Genetics

    Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency

    The human genetics request assiduity is projected to grow from usd28.69 billion in 2023 to usd65.18 billion by 2032, flaunting a composite periodic growth rate (cagr) of10.80 during the cast period (2023-2032). Growing demand for individualized drugs, rising research conditioning in genomics, increasing investments in genomics and inheritable testing companies, rising frequency of inheritable diseases, advances in genomic technologies, are the crucial requests motorists enhancing the request growth.

    Using genomic tools in remedial settings has also altered mortal genetics as a scientific discipline. Further people now have access to further affordable inheritable testing, allowing for earlier and more accurate opinions of heritable conditions. Inheritable information is now being used to guide treatment opinions, point causes of complaint, and determine the most effective specifics and dosing schedules for individual cases. The arrival of individualized drugs, in which care is acclimatized to an existent's inheritable makeup, is made possible by these technological advancements. Hence, fueling profitable growth in the human genetics industry.

    There is only a sprinkle of places where mortal genetics has been put to use so far. On the other hand, prosperous expansion is anticipated in the times to come. With the help of computational biology, we'll have a plenitude of room to keep track of all the inheritable data we collect from people around the world. Similarly, as mortal genetics finds further and further uses in molecular individual testing, request players may anticipate seeing a sizable increase in income.

    The need for gene remedy is rising fleetly because of the intimidating rise in the prevalence of inheritable ails around the world. To respond, scientists in R&D and forensics labs are digging deep into mortal DNA to discover new, more effective treatments for a wide range of ails. The design has the backing of governments around the world, which are spending considerably in the mortal genetics assiduity to raise public knowledge of inheritable ails, available curatives, and their impact on diurnal life.


    Important Dates

    Abstract Submission Deadline

    September 10, 2024

    Earlybird Registration Deadline

    February 25, 2024

    Standard Registration Deadline

    March 25, 2024

    Onspot Registration

    October 17, 2024

    Scientific Committee

    Volen Atim

    Dr. Marta Wozniak-Budych

    Poznan University of Technology
    Volen Atim

    Dr. Luisa Maria Arvide Cambra

    University of Almeria
    Volen Atim

    Dr. Laura Gabriela Sarbu

    Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi
    Volen Atim

    Dr. Mihail Lucian Birsa

    Alexandru Ioan Cuza University


    Registration Includes

    • Access to all conference sessions, poster and exhibition area
    • Conference kit including name tag, program booklet and Abstracts book
    • 2 Coffee breaks and lunch for all the event days of the conference
    • Certificate of participation from Conference chair/ Session chair
    • Access to the all scientific sessions
    • Access to Business Development Sessions and Global Networking Session

    Benefits of Joining Conference

    • Encouraged to publish full length articles in Supporting Journals with discounted APC charges
    • Best Oral, Poster and Young Research Forum (YRF) presentation awards
    • Get Opportunity to Collaborate with future Apex Global Meetings
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